Staying Active Challenge

Staying Active Challenge-Results Flyer

We set the challenge and you not only met it, you exceeded it!


In an email blast last week, we introduced the Beede Center: Staying Active Challenge, as a motivation to ramp up your workout on Patriots Day. Then you’d submit a photo - or two! - and a quick summary of your workout. There was one rule: Play it safe with social distancing.

It is exciting and encouraging for us to see the many ways you are keeping fit while Beede is closed until further notice.

Our winner is Farah Tavakol, who devoted 50 minutes of a glorious Patriots Day peddling her indoor bike. Who says stationary bikes don’t take you anywhere? Farah’s just delivered her to a free season at White Pond. Congratulations!

Farah may have won the pass, but so many more of you put forth a good challenge. Let’s take a look at some of your workouts:

One member got in some vigorous cardio workout by kickboxing for an hour! And if that wasn’t enough -as it would be for most people - she played backboard tennis for another half hour on a board she placed in her yard. 

A mother-daughter tandem laced up their running shoes for a customized triathlon. It began with a run, a hike along scenic Flint’s Pond and laundry. “Does that count?” she asked. Absolutely! What a brilliant way to incorporate aquatics. They weren’t the only custom triathletes on the course. A member ran 2.6 miles before a 25-minute Pilates routine followed by a 4.5 mile walk. That is fitness dedication! 

An early morning regular donned a fabric mask for a 4.5-mile run, making 2 stops for jumping jacks and lunges, then it was up and down 12 flights of stairs before adding the New York Times 6-minute workout. 

Three of you and a Beede employee (no worries, it was just for fun, not eligible to win anyway) took to the trails. One clocked 7.10 miles through Estabrook Woods. One woman walked 4.74 miles through her Thoreau Hills neighborhood before work. Another member ran a few loops around Great Brook in Carlisle and added our July 4 Fun Run course - which he clocked in his car to be 1.5 miles. Knowing he’d be at work on Patriots Day, he squeezed his challenge in on April 19, hoping it was OK.  

It was more than OK because the Eastern Hemisphere was already deep into April 20 when he completed. It's always tomorrow somewhere. Good job. Our employee did the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail for 7.2 miles of cardio.  

Next up is a member who is self-motivated to do forearm planks. But that’s not all. Here’s a glimpse of a regular routine: Warm up with 5 minutes of five rounds of cardio: 45 seconds of squat to stand, 15 seconds of jumping jacks.  The actual workout is 3 rounds of either 25 or 50 reps of bodyweight squats, 2 minutes of jumping jacks and 50 reps of glute raises. Still standing after all that, she finished with 3 rounds each of 1 minute PVC pipe stiff-legged deadlifts and 1-minute forearm planks. WOW! One can get sculpted just reading this. 

We love the pictures of the family pickleball game, the online yoga enthusiasts, stair climbers and walkers. Yes, the walkers. What a wonderful way to stay fit and enjoy beautiful outdoors. 

No challenge is complete without a dose of humor. A daily swimmer and former guard at White Pond back in the 1970s said she’s walking once a day and doing crunches twice: Captain in the morning and Nestle in the afternoon! 

With all these excellent workout routines, we are thrilled that you all are finding ways to stay fit.

Congratulations to everyone who submitted an entry!