Lego Adventures with Right Brain Curriculum

Are you a Lego master? If so, it’s time to show off your skills! Each week in Lego Adventures, there is a new challenge to build: From skyscrapers to farms, bridges to airports, space stations to main streets, and everything in between! First, our Right Brain Curriculum instructors will review the history of what we are about to build: How airports graduated from landing strips to vast travel networks, how Depression-era farms survived hordes of grasshoppers, how aeroelasticity explains why the Tacoma bridge nicknamed “Galloping Gertie” collapsed. Then, it’s time to build! You will create a model of each type of structure out of an enormous assortment of provided Legos, then present your creation as we photograph and document it. Learning and Legos: A perfect match! 

Open to Alcott students only!

Tuesday 3:30-4:30pm 9/13/22-10/18/22 2-5 $180 Alcott Elementary