You've Been Flocked!

Pink Flamingos
Each spring, the Concord Carousel Preschool Scholarship Fund's pink flamingo flock flies in to help raise funds for our tuition scholarships. Participants can surprise their unsuspecting friends and neighbors with a flock of pink plastic flamingos in their yard! In exchange for a donation to the Scholarship Fund, these cheery, pink, plastic friends will mysteriously land overnight to greet your chosen host when they fetch the morning paper. Not to worry -- the birds will not become a permanent fixture in anyone's landscaping. They will roost for 24 hours and leave just as mysteriously as they appeared! The flocking host may even choose to pass the flock along by selecting its next roost. 

To flock your neighbors, email:

To donate to the Scholarship Fund, mail checks to:
Concord Recreation Department
90 Stow St
Concord MA 01742

Checks should be made out to the Town of Concord.
Please include “Concord Carousel Scholarship Fund” in the memo